Let us give you outstanding dental care that only thirty years of experience can provide

Whether you simply need a routine examination, or treatment for a specific dental problem, our team are here to ensure you get the best possible service every time you visit us.

If you are suffering from tooth decay, Cox’s Dental Health Care offers the most up-to-date methods to repair your smile. White fillings are now more readily available than ever, which means that treating damaged teeth no longer leaves you with a mouth full of unsightly metal.

If your tooth is more seriously damaged, you may require root canal work. Whilst this treatment has an unfortunate reputation, at Cox’s Dental Health Care our team work hard to ensure root canal work is as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

treatmentWhat’s more, porcelain veneers and crowns provide an excellent solution for patients with teeth that need to be both shielded and cosmetically enhanced. And if you have a tooth missing, we can provide you with high quality implant, bridge or denture work to restore your smile to its natural appearance.

Whatever your dental needs, Cox’s Dental Health Care are able to look after both your teeth and your health through a range of consistently high quality, personal treatments.